Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The drag on economy continues, and throughout the latest news cycle, one cannot help but to continue noticing the distraction tactics used by the Obama Administration.

The latest ploy concerns the reputation of Romney at Bain Capital. Emphasis has been placed upon a steel plant that was ultimately shut down over eight years after Romney himself ceased to work there. Most ironic about this tactic is that it leaves Obama particularly vulnerable to the hypocrite counter-tactic, simply at the mention of Solyndra.

As always, in the end it will come down to what vision each candidate is able to project for the future. Obama's record has yet to be fully exploited to Romney's advantage, as he occupies his time in consolidating base support. Come fall, it will be up to former governor to juxtapose himself as a credible leader who can translate his experience into a better direction for the nation. Should he succeed, combined with the right Vice President and the right attacks on his opponent's record, and a solid victory can be envisioned for the republican candidate.

For now, it remains uncertain just who will emerge victorious given the ample opportunities for the political winds to change between now and November. Especially when one factors the individual politics of the keymost battleground states to be in play this election. This excellent article by Stephen Green has more on that topic.

~David Morris~

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