Friday, June 15, 2012

The Obama Implosion

With the victory of Scott Brown, the failure of the Bain Capital attacks, and the pathetic job growth of only 65,000 in June, we grow privy to witnessing a unique implosion of an administration.

Let us recount what their strategy has been thus far:

Attack Romney's Wife ~ Backfired.
Attack Romney's Dog ~ Backfired.
Attack Romney for being an alledged Bully ~ Backfired.
Attack Bain Capital ~ Extreme Backfire.

What's most interesting to me is the backfire on Bain capital. Not only did it simply not work on deflecting the issue, it actually caused a mutiny among democrats with friends in capital equity, the infamous "sterling business record" endorsement by Bill Clinton being the most (in)famous of late.

With so many new attempts to frame the opposition under negatives, they return to "the only thing we have left" as a young David Axelrod once put it:

Blame Bush.

Will it backfire?

~David Morris~

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