Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Distractions Continue

Latest Gallup polling puts Romney ahead of Obama. Why, does the mainstream media ask?

It is truly fascinating to observe such implosions on the left. Touting the "improvements" of the economy and Obama's "likability," the denial of Obama's highly threatened candidacy has witnessed several types of self-delusion as of late:

Romney's Gender Gap With Women.
•Most job losses in the past three years has been among women.
•Only young, unmarried age group susceptible to "war on women" issue distraction tactics.
•Obama still less popular among women compared to 2008.
•Romney has a reverse gender gap among men against Obama.

Obama's Likability Advantage Against Romney
•Carter was also "likable." People are not going to vote for excuses.
•Nixon, despite low likability, was primed for reelection before scandal.
•Romney still injured from primary battle. The right VP pick could potentially turn this around.
•The negative ads to remind the people of Obama's record has not begun yet.

Latest among the attempts to distract is Romney putting a dog on the roof of his car. Such irrelevance is bound to ultimately backfire on the patience of the American people.

Nonetheless, expect more attempts to divert the true issues of the day.

~David Morris~

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