Tuesday, November 16, 2010

QE2 Expansion: Explained With Puppies To Ease the Shock

More refreshing news to make you feel outright chipper about the future!

[Warning: The previous sentence is sarcasm.]

~David Morris~

Friday, November 5, 2010

State Legislators. Don't count them out.

One thing being under-reported in the post election aftermath is the number of state legislators that have gone republican. As of the 2010 election, 34 State Legislators are now of the GOP, more than they've ever had since the 1920's.

This is extremely significant for a number of reasons beyond the simple short term. Of course, the greatest stab in the heart for democrats lies on how these losses occured with the worst possible political timing. The fact that this landslide occurred on a census year could have Democrats in the wilderness for yet another decade.

Then you consider that consider that it takes 36 State Legislators to pass a Constitutional Amendment...

~David Morris~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Failed 2010 Election Mantra of the Democrats

The day of the 2010 election arrives.

Remember, Democrats would like to remind voters that it was the failed policies of Bush that got us into this mess, and that we should stick with them in order to get us out of it.

Yet this raises an interesting counter question. Accepting their premise of "the failed Bush policies of the past" one has to ask, where were these oh-so-trustworthy career politicians in stopping these "failed policies?"

Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, and many others were there for decades. They could have been able to stop these so called failed policies. Yet evidently, they stood on the sidelines and allegedly let Bush bully them into enacting such failed economic policies such as...I'm not quite sure (democrats never seem to specify what Bush did that's directly correlated to the recession).

They were there to witness it though, even if they did nothing! So for that reason alone, we the people should send them back to Washington, where they can sit around and do nothing about the failed policies of Obama.

Such is the electoral message of the Democrats this day. Is it any wonder why so many choose to stay home?

~David Morris~