Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Penalizes the Legal

Obama justifies this executive order by saying that these young illegals will make "significant contributions to society" and that "it's right." 

Well what about all those young people who come here legally? I have personal friends who legally came here while under sixteen who'll get deported if they can't find H1 visa sponsors (which aren't cheap). What about them? Are you simply going to toss them work visas too? What about international university students who must return to their home after they graduate, whom we know are trained with skills we could use. Are they also going to get free visas simply "because its right?"

Are you honestly penalizing them by rewarding those who broke the law to get here? President Obama, are you honestly going to look at true contributing aliens in the eye and say "too bad about your visa, your first mistake was come here legally?" As far as I'm concerned, illegal is illegal. You can't pick and choose by executive order which is which.

You think a constitutional lawyer would know this.

~Alexis Morris~

Govenor Walker "Only Survived"

Last night was a night of decision for the State of Wisconsin.  In 2010, Governor Scott Walker won by 6 percentage points in a climatic battle of economic sense over unions embellishments. Believing the gubenatiorial race to be in contest, media humdrum touted that this could be implicative of the November election. This quickly lost steam as the night dragged on.

Having won his recall now by 7 points, much of the media since settled to describe Govenor Walker's repeat victory over Tom Barret as to have just "survived." In my opinion, most would call it a "decisive defeat" at the least. Perhaps even use the term "landslide."

The Daily Show presented a genuinely entertaining spoof on the results.

"Did you not hear us the first time?"

~David Morris~

The Obama Implosion

With the victory of Scott Brown, the failure of the Bain Capital attacks, and the pathetic job growth of only 65,000 in June, we grow privy to witnessing a unique implosion of an administration.

Let us recount what their strategy has been thus far:

Attack Romney's Wife ~ Backfired.
Attack Romney's Dog ~ Backfired.
Attack Romney for being an alledged Bully ~ Backfired.
Attack Bain Capital ~ Extreme Backfire.

What's most interesting to me is the backfire on Bain capital. Not only did it simply not work on deflecting the issue, it actually caused a mutiny among democrats with friends in capital equity, the infamous "sterling business record" endorsement by Bill Clinton being the most (in)famous of late.

With so many new attempts to frame the opposition under negatives, they return to "the only thing we have left" as a young David Axelrod once put it:

Blame Bush.

Will it backfire?

~David Morris~