Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Immediate Economic Impact of Election Results

Massive layoffs. Spike in official unemployment rates across the nation. Return to recession.

What the Electoral Outcome Means, Summed in One Word.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Romney vs Obama. The Final Day.

Tomorrow marks an historic election. A choice between the principles that built the United States as the last and greatest hope for mankind, or its down the path of just another failed state. Despite what the polls may say, I predict a sizable Romney victory.

What worries this blogger is the makeup of the senate. By painting themselves as fiscally conservative. Democrats may manage to hold on to their senate majority. This could see the continue of a senate that refuses to pass a budget, and make in all the more difficult for Romney to implement the steps necessary to truly recover the economy in both the long and short terms.

With the polls tied for Romney and Obama at 48%, turnout will be the deciding factor. Given the republican advantage measured by Pew and Gallup, combined with historic pattern of incumbent electoral totals averaging 2 points below their approval rating, Romney remains set for victory.

It remains to the people to secure it.