Monday, October 15, 2012

No matter how he dresses it, the President has no case.

As we approach the second of the presidential debates, many on the left side of the isle offer messaging advice on what the president needs to do to clinch victory from Romney, such as offering a vision, calling Mitt out as a liar, and being energetic.

I predict that whatever comes that may in the final debates however, no performance by Obama will be able to reverse this momentum change in time.If but for a simple reason that can be put succinctly:

Life sucks. And no one is blaming Mitt Romney for it.

Regardless of Obama's performance, its unlikely that Mitt have a meltdown equitable to Obama's own, so a well articulated case will only be seen as a tie at most.  In holding his own, Obama will bump enthusiasm among his base. Alas, cold hard economic reality is simply stacked against the incumbent, forever barring him from independents who've chosen to switch their vote from 2008. Stacked in a matter that gives the challenger an endless arsenal of counter-attacks regardless of how much Obama tries to paint his opponent as a heartless liar who hates middle America.

As of this right, the Right Direction/Wrong Track stands at 39.8 to 54.8.

People are living the dismal statistics of Obama's stewardship, and its hard to vote against one's own overwhelmingly negative outlook for the future.

~David Morris~

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Main Reaction to the First Obama-Romney Debate

The president flopped. So I'm told. One flop in particular had me in such a brain freeze that the rest of the debate became but a haze.

Barack Obama accused Mitt Romney of wanting to cut taxes by $5 trillion. When talking taxes, you normally use rates. Not whole numbers.

The federal government takes in a whole number of $2.3 trillion. So if Romney cut 100% of all current taxes, that'd be a $2.3 trillion cut. You're still $2.7 trillion dollars short of $5 trillion.

So after some simple arithmetic, basically, the president accused Romney of wanting to cut taxes by around 217%?


~David Morris~

What Romney Needs to Say

Today marks the first debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. To this point, now marks the golden opportunity for the GOP challenger to create a stark contrast between himself and the incumbent.

A list of points and contrasts I hope to see:

-Framing Obama as aloof and uncaring, given how much golf the current president plays as Americans suffer.

-Reminding Americans that we don't have to accept Obama's failed policies in energy and economic growth.

-Remind that the only reason we have 8% unemployment is because people keep dropping out.

-Constant and consistent attacks on Obama's record. The president needs to be on the defensive. For once.

~David Morris~