Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obama's Re-election and Energy

While some among Washington Circles boast the electability of Obama given economic improvements, others such as Dick Morris presents a substantial interpretation of recent polling trends.

Much of what Dick Morris claims rings of truth. Adding to his analysis of course, is the looming state of energy come 2012. As predicted in prior observations, gas prices have once again become politically relevant. Gas stands at an average of $3.79 as of the end of February, with no "silver bullet" to fix it for the Obama Administration.

Predictably, speculators and oil companies shall be the usual scapegoats of the left. Investigations for price fixing shall be launched as democrats continue to mock the "simplistic" notion of drilling on American Soil.

Given the abundant resources available in North America; now with an overwhelming support that drilling should be done, its unlikely that such tactics will be enough to save the incumbent administration. Especially fused with continued disapproval on the economy overall; stubbornly remaining at around 60% even in light of recent "improvements."

With Gas Prices set to reach painfully record highs, it would not be unsurprising if even deep blue states were at play. Areas in California have already broken the $5.00 mark in light of recent fears in the middle east.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Celebrating the Stimulus Anniversary.

Three years to this day, the benevolent one, Barack Hussein Obama, signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, aka, the Stimulus Package. With this massive government intervention of outdated and grotesquely implemented Keynesian economics, we were promised 5% growth and unemployment no higher than 8 percent.

Thanks in large part to it, every man woman and child now owes short of $50,000 (before unfunded liabilities) a piece as the Obama administration breaks deficit records. In a scant three years, 4.7 trillion has been added to the debt.

What have we gotten in exchange?

A real unemployment rate of 16%, a shrinking labor market down to 58% (whereas 65% is considered normal), near doubled gas prices, kids moving back into their parents homes with delayed opportunities to get married and start homes, a gutted housing market, and 45 million people on food stamps.

Good job Mr. President.

~David Morris~

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Romney and the American Poor

Romney's gaffe on the poorest Americans currently circulates across the media.

Herein lies a teachable moment however. Though Romney's poor choice of words rightly harms his political image, certain truths about American impoverished demonstrates that the poor scarcely requires a government that increasingly "cares" for them.

In the following video, Bill Whittle communicates what is essentially the same principle behind Romney's statement. The difference being that it makes more sense coming from Bill.

Even compassionate.

Romney Gaffe

During his victory run around Florida, Romney let's slip that "he doesn't care for the very poor."

Not the most inspiring of attitudes from a potential commander-in-chief. America longs for a positive message not seen since Reagan: of an America that lifts all of it's citizens.

It's doubtful that the soundbite will cause too much damage on it's own, but it unfortunately adds to Romneys image as an out of touch member of the elite.