Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mitt Romney. Eh.

So many excellent GOP candidates this year. So many fallen. With Santorum officially out of the running, the time dawns upon many that "Mr. Inevitable," Willard Mitt Romney, has truly proven to be the last man standing. Barring a convention upset by Newt or Ron Paul,

At what price one must ask? The negative, marginal victory nature of Mitt's wins leaves many a conservative voter feeling mum about the result. The weak positive intensity among his base must be repaired prior to November. Simultaneously, the Obaminable Machine has promised the most outright dirty, negative campaign to be seen in modern history. They have prepared specifically for the former Massachusetts governor, and will do everything in their power to characterize Romney as a "heartless, rich white republican." The wrong gaffe at the wrong time could be all that it takes.

It shall be seen just how aware of this the Romney campaign is. It is true that Romney's comparative advantage lies in his appeal to moderates. Now he'll require a vice-presidential pick that can sate the fears of the base, whilst continuing to fight back a reputation a faux conservative.

Above all however is this:

He must take the gloves off when it comes to President Obama.

This is to be a election won on offense, not defense.

Considering the nature of his apparent nomination, perhaps the Romney campaign understands this already.

~David Morris~

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