Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Obaminable Machine

As the Republican primary carries on, the Obama Campaign quietly prepares.

With the power of a "billion-dollar warchest" that totals at around $242 million, the machine quietly reserves ad air over key battleground states, trains hundreds of campaign leaders in the art of voter turnout, and hires the best in the business in new media marketing.

The U.S.S. Obaminal has all the appearances of a mighty warship. Armed with an airwave monopoly for the crucial months of October and November, high caliber advertisements designed to cripple the opponent and embellish the achievements of the Obama administration will be poised to sell the public on 4 more years.

Such spending is all for naught if no one buys of course. History is filled with expensive flops afterall. New Coke anyone?

How about that Titanic?

As always with reelection politics, the state of nation come election day will prove the most potent advertisement of all, be it for or against the incumbent. The crew of the Obaminable has the work cut out for them on icebergs to evade.

1) The Real Unemployment Rate

2) Gas Prices

3) Obamacare in the Courts

4) The Growth Rate

Such factors play into the most significant question of all in presidential politics: is the nation moving in the right direction?

No presidential campaign machine yet, no matter how exquisite, has proven to survive where the answer has been "no."

-David Morris

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