Monday, January 23, 2012

Gingrich Back in Center

Newt Gingrich has once again surged following his decisive victory in South Carolina. In a true upset, Newt Gingrich secured 40% of the vote when just a week ago, Romney looked set to secure the state by 10 points.

If anything can be attributed to this gain, Newt's debate performance may once again be touted as a chief cause. The momentum gained by his address to his populist rout against the mainstream media on his personal past, always a savvy political tactic given that conservatives have learned to distrust by eighty percent margins, and just so happens to be a tactic he alone seems willing to play.

With this upset victory, Gingrich proves himself more than a flavor-of-the-month "not Romney," and early polls indicate a strong lead for Gingrich going into Florida. Time will tell if this momentum holds true.

~David Morris~

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