Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vice Presidential Picks

As the GOP Presidential debates continue, speculation begins to arise on who would make for the perfect running mates for the current front runners.

Mitt Rommey is designated as an "establishment republican" type who can appeal to the center under more generalized electoral conditions. From a tactical standpoint, a tea-party running mate capable of energizing the base would be thus be indispensable to a Rommey campaign. Ones such as Herman Cain or Michelle Bachmann would bring a positive intensity among tea-partiers that would address Mitt's weakness in that area.

Rick Perry on the other hand, is already a tea party draw. However, his style credits him as less suited than Rommey in the art of dealing with the other side in a manner that doesn't scare moderates. As such, running mates such as one such as Newt Gringrich or Paul Ryan would be ideal. In addition to their detailed ideas on the issues, potentials such as these carry the political experience of dealing staunchly yet safely with the other side.

For either candidate however, Marco Rubio would prove an excellent running mate. Young and charismatic, he would lock down the Florida vote while simultaneously making certain other Latino states, such as New Mexico or perhaps even California, far more competitive. Even if California went to the democrats regardless, money spent defending their stronghold would assist Republican efforts abroad.

The coming months will be crucial to the future of the nation. With Obama looking to be a one term president, the efficacy of the next republican ticket to seriously tackle the nation's issues will be extra-ordinarily watched. As Americans, we can only pray for a ticket capable of restoring hope.

~David Morris~

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