Friday, September 9, 2011

I bumped into an old friend of mine as I paid a visit to my university today.

Being in the bubble of campus life, he was surprised to learn that Obama had fallen so utterly in favor lately, and inquired on how this has happened. Let us informally count just some of the ways shall we?

-He is the first to see a credit downgrading of the USA.
-He has quadrupled down on failed stimuli after failed stimuli.
-The American people now owe $50,000 in debt for every man woman and child.
-He shoved an unconstitutional healthcare reform that threatens to exacerbate that industries cost issues.
-Demagog rhetoric has increased despite his promises to make the discourse more "civil."

-Unemployment remains at 9%. With underemployment, 18%. After you account for the shrunken labor market. Without such accounting, the unemployment rate would hang at 10% (underemployment 20%).
-His departments and regulations harass the people who create jobs and wealth.
-Unions are the only ones he apparently cares for.
-He fails repeatedly to negotiate even moderately to the center.
-He shows no empathy given his lavish vacations and stunts such as the death star bus.
-He diminishes the office with unpresidential ploys such as directly blaming the opposition, fear-mongering calls for real reforms, and calling joint sessions that are but campaign speeches.

And the big one: People are simply terrified for the future of this nation. Thanks to him.

~David Morris~

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