Friday, September 3, 2010

Honor and values proved to be the main theme of Glenn Beck's speech on the Lincoln Memorial last saturday. This blogger happened to have the opportunity to attend and found the event and found the rhetoric to be quite refreshing from the usual firebranding of today's politics. Rather than be a political pep rally, Mr. Beck, along with such speakers as Aveda King (the niece of the late Dr. King Jr.) focused their subject on topics that stand the test of time in terms of relevance, rather than on short-term political campaigning.

The mall was jam packed with people from all across the nation. Black speakers and singers also were center stage of the event, along with other black conservatives on the steps of MLK. Regardless of how one may wish to look at the racial composition, the message was one that was distinctly American and evangelist in its theme. No mentioning of Democrats or Republicans was uttered, as American traditional values of were of top focus.

~David Morris~

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