Monday, September 13, 2010

Both Sides to Find Their Parties' Pooped

Ever since the era of the Great Depression, from 1930 to 1992, democrats had been an unshakable force that could not be moved as far as the House of Representatives is concerned. Only following the politically transformative presidency of Ronald Reagen would republicans ever again experience control over the House. Now, having been ousted already in 2006, democrats apparently presumed that they could solidify in the House for generations once more in following the wave of anti-Bush sentiment and a promised to be transformative presidency of Barack Obama, who would shift the nation left in the same manner that Reagan shifted it to the right.

However, as we grow closer to the November elections polling data over the generic ballot indicates republican advantages for the first time in decades. What went wrong?

Legitimacy. For the United States Federal Government to remain legitimate, the people must feel that they have a say in the process of policy. Given the present crisis, people no longer feel that either party in Washington listens to them, with elitist arrogance on the left, and attitudes of cowing to that very elitists on the right.

With this lost of hope in the government's capacity to listen, fear for their personal liberty and those of their children appears to be a prime force of motivation for formally apolitical independents now as tea partiers. 2010 shall not be remembered as the normal election year of "who can bring home the bacon." Given the wake of the stimilus, healthcare, cap and trade and government takeovers, for most people its about saving the entire country as a whole

This year all are witnessing the power of the tea party movement as people grow motivated through frustration with tone deaf government. New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts appears to be only the beginning. The traditional GOP finds itself no exception to being shocked as well, as a list of Tea Party endorsed candidates continues to upset establishment candidates.

Rand Paul in Kentucky, winning his primary by 10 points. Tea Party endorsed.
Angle in Nevada, 5 points above Reed. Tea Party endorsed.

Then there is O'Donnell of Delaware. With but little funding and a Sarah Palin endorsement, she defeats the establishment GOP candidate Mike Castle, whose primary was well funded over a million. Castle had held his seat for 12 elections despite his RINO (republican in name only) tendencies, and had the full backing of the GOP as they took a haughty attitude to the Tea Party endorsed underdog. A RINO voting record such as Castle would not hold in this climate of anger however and responses such as the above on whether he'd repeal healthcare no doubt sealing his fate.

As O'Donnell won her primary on the 14th of September, we nonetheless saw an insightful response from the RNC. Before she could even accept her nomination formally, an alleged statement by republican aides to Fox News is made claiming that she would not receive party support. Meanwhile, top republican analysts such as Karl Rove would react with scathing pessimism on her electability, adding fuel to the fire of resentment for the republican establishment.

Naturally, the backlash against such attitudes causes the RNC to retract and deny such pessimism on O'Donnell as we move forward. It is nonetheless telling from this episode that "moderation" as usual will be unacceptable for the GOP. The hostile takeover of the republican party by people who read their constitutions appears to have begun.

~David Morris~

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