Monday, March 26, 2012

A Morning Meeting With Paul Ryan

As Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Congressmen Ryan's position has proposed several bold solutions to America's varied debt and entitlement crisis, and not without controversy. As the congressmen continues to draw headlines with his proposals, cross-examination into his "Roadmaps" ever continues.

On March 22nd, Ryan sat down with the Heritage Foundation concerned with latest revisions to his proposals. The introduction of means testing for medicare was highlighted as among key improvements to his plan, set to balance by the 2020s. Throughout the meeting, Ryan criticized the CBO for its baseline budgeting projections, as well as the President for his weakness on cost cutting, particularly in the area of defense.

Though Ryan himself identifies $300 billion in Pentagon waste that could be eliminated, he insists that the President's $400 billion reduction in pure defense spending would threaten our superiority given an unexpected conflict. Without such superiority, he reminds us, far more soldiers are put at risk.

Ryan concluded on a hopeful note for his proposals, as he finds support whenever the American people are "spoken to as adults."

Scholar Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute offers further analysis of the Ryan revisions.

~David Morris~

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