Monday, May 2, 2011

Welp, we can give Obama Credit. Applauds to USAF.

Last night, I, like most of America, was pleasantly surprised to learn that they finally found Osama bin Laden and delivered closure to the tragedy of 9/11 by means of a bullet to the head.

I applaud the careful approach the military took in patiently piecing the intelligence together concerning the infamous Saudi's location. Most of all, I applaud the manner by which they decided to strike.

Reportedly, there were several options for staging their assault, options that could've included airstrike, or raiding to capture rather than kill, and whether to communicate our intent with local allies. Instead, Obama took what I agree was the best course of action: Sending in the Navy Seals unannounced to the Pakistani officials in order to personally deliver his neutralization and capture his resistless shell for U.S. custody, in order to provide true verification that indeed, the shadow of bin Laden was dispelled.

Burial "at sea" (with the exact coordinates unknown) in accordance to Islamic values was also a excellent strategic maneuver. Islamic Extremists would no doubt spin the death of bin Laden as a recruiting tool regardless of how we struck. A physical burial site, combined with the notion that he was buried under the "barbarous" ways of western infidels would've added potency to this inevitable propaganda. Potency that is otherwise mitigated.

Overall, I'll concur that Obama did the correct thing in how the raid was handled. A simple airstrike would have been framed as cowardly by our enemies, risked the escape of bin Laden (adding to his mythos), and had it slain him we would've lacked verifiable evidence, leaving America feeling somewhat less satisfied. By having boots on the ground, this raid once eventually declassified will be docume as one of the most celebrated examples of a successful military operation in our modern history, adding greater mythos of the expertise of the American military compared to aerial strike. There is an extra element of relief for the public in knowing that that his death at American hands was truly hand-delivered.

For once, Obama inarguably did right by the country. Pity this seems to be the exception and not the rule. If only he could make it a habit to be favorably decisive.

With new found closure over the threat of Public Enemy #1, hopefully we can resume work on addressing the current greatest threat to our national security. Were only Obama able to tackle that one with similar competence. Unfortunately, he's seems content to vote "present."

~David Morris~

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