Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tea Parties and the Mosque: Where is the Force?

Concerning the mosque controversy, some liberals and libertarians out there wish to demonize and/or chastise anyone who protests the mosque on the grounds that they are bigoted against freedom of religion. The mosque doesn't affect them they say, and true freedom lovers would get up in arms supporting the building.

Personally, I don't care whether this mosque gets built. If they have the local property right on that lot with the proper legal zoning permits and funding, then they may construct what they wish there.

At the same time however, I personally don't care if a bunch of so-called "bigots" as defined by mosque supporters gets uppity about it and protests. They have a right to be offended and speak their mind about a mosque that doesn't directly affect them. There is only one litmus test I have for the mosque protesters: Is there any kind of force involved?

Its not coercion until force enters the equation, be it direct physical violence or the implied threat thereof via legal interference. If Tea Parties manage to shut the mosque down via bad publicity alone, so be it. If they fail, so be it. Until they get violent, I am in complete respect to their enumerated rights of assembly and speech.

~David Morris~

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