Friday, July 16, 2010

Libertarians, Conservatives, and the Bible

Rant as a following reaction to the reason debate of where conservatives belong.

I see liberalism as fundamentally statist by comparison to conservatives and libertarians, as it appears to be more emotive and reactionary. Not about freedom, its about equal outcomes for all under welfare. I just don’t agree with it. The hope is for libertarians and tolerant conservatism. Unlike some libertarians, I do not hold all conservatives as fundamentally statist either however. Libertarians who do some tend to be alienating to me, considering that I live as a conservative on the personal level. I do not endorse extramarital affairs. I don’t endorse homosexuality. I do not endorse dangerous substances. I do not endorse abortion. I do endorse Christianity. My children shall be subject to these values.

But I also endorse the 9th and 10th amendment, which encapsulates an adult’s decision to choose his own path. Knowledge of them is what refines conservative values on the realm of public arena, by reminding us that we are not He. After all, am I not to have faith that God is on top of things? Be ye are a murderer, adulterer, homosexual or yes, even a politician, am I not to have faith that Jesus already provides for redemption? Give unto God what belongs to God. My neighbors are his children after all, not mine. He loves them all. He has offered them a choice. That is enough.

Am I not to be called to? As His intent, Adults are best left free do make their own decisions, and by extension, communities are best left to develop their own cultures. The Lord will oversee consequences. It is immoral to extort. Nay, the Holy Spirit calls for kindness over coercion. It is truth, it is eternal. It requires not the force of flawed human law. Live, let live, and educate.

Many mainstream brands of modern Christianity understands this fundamentally. Some perhaps, do not. Therein lies the difference between the “pure strain” conservatives, and the conservative libertarian. My teaching of Christianity never calls for coercive activism. Apparently, some churches do. Therein lies the difference between the church goer unaware of his libertarianism, as I was, and the pure strain “social conservative” who, misguided in his understanding of God’s law, attempts to create human laws to emulate them.

Such is the conceit. For God designed his Laws simply to demonstrate them as useless. Faith is all that matters. It must be made as a personal decision.

Jesus is a libertarian.

~David Morris~

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