Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Rustici Prediction

People have spoken. Over 60% of the American people oppose the purely democrat owned health care proposition. Still they attempt to ram it through via nuclear option. Should it pass, opponents of the package have until 2013 to stop it once and for all before its, and what amounts to arguably one of the worse nationalized medicine schema ever devised will suppress American prosperity for generations to come, as this new form of mandatory spending burdens the future.

Having recently spoken to Professor Thomas C. Rustici of George Mason University about the present political situation, an intriguing prediction was made under assumption that Democrats successfully push the thing through (of which he predicts that they will). As well as his own political strategy of how to roll it back.

In short, if this bill passes via nuclear option, then starting 2010 under the new congress led by perhaps Micheal Steele, republicans are going to have to nuclear option Obama right back.

The first point Professor Rustici raises, is that if this bill passes, then the Democrat party may as well be considered extinct considering the anger it will incite. Seniors are already aligned against him and what this bill will do to their medicare payments, the young who supported Obama grow ever more disillusioned as they struggle most of all to find work, and everyone else between will be insulted as their taxes are automatically raised (in a climate of heavy recession and inflation no less) courtesy of the soon-expired Bush cuts.

"Obama promised hope yet delivered fear..." cites the professor, especially with this health bill . And from the 60% disapproval of the democrat proposals, Rustici predicts a public outrage and disapproval rate for these so called "reforms" to peak upwards of 70%.

In other words, the Republicans will have overwhelming majority support to stop a successfully forced healthcare proposal before the cement drys. Over 100 seats between the House and Senate will be lost by the Dems in 2010, and Obama will be forced into a no-win situation as the final conspirator left unpunished in the eyes of the American people. Were he Micheal Steele says Prof. Rustici, he'd then use his position over the budget to completely shut down the federal government, until Barack Obama signed a bill annulling the launch of universal health care. Completely.

No federal funding for anything. At all. Not until Obama signs an annulment. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Nothing at all.

No federal funding for social security payments. No federal funding for student loans. No federal funding for further, "shovel-ready" porkulus projects. No federal grants. No federal subsidies. Not even the military, said Professor Rustici. Nothing budgeted to NORAD, FBI, CIA, the Army, etc.

Nothing. At all. Period. With it made very loud, and very, very clear, that the new Republicans will continue their nuclear winter of the federal government, until Obama is ready to sign the annulment of his nuclear rammed Health Care bill. After all, who'll care about a national defense when the greatest threat to liberty in the entirety of U.S. History has already been launched by the (and by this point, defunct) Democrat party? No terrorist attack, no external invasion is poised to ruin as many lives as this bill is set to do, should it be allowed to fully hatch in 2013.

Given the current public outrage and terror over the possibilties of a the rammed healthcare bill, it will be Obama left with the bag. According to Rustici, It will be Obama left with the blame, come what may from the republican controlled federal freeze. A line must be drawn says the Professor. An ultimatum must be set. The American people will be in overwhelming support of this courageous stand, and no amount of media spin will shake the polls in support of a conservative Congress's action. Micheal Steele must force an annulment out of Barrack Hussein Obama. Just as he would have originally forced his unpopular agenda against we, the American people.

~David Morris~

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  1. Damn straight. Could not have worded that any better myself. This so-called "health care reform" that Obama and the Dems are trying to ram-rod through Congress will be the undoing of us all should be allowed to survive full bloom. Additonally, in order to fund this monstrous daemon of a bill, surely the funding would have to come from somewhere since something cannot be made from nothing. Inevitably, it will be the people that will be forced to pick up the tab in the form of taxes similar to what Canadians and the European Union are paying for their health care which is sub-par at the very best.

    This is almost like watching the Tau from an Eldar perspective, a cosmic joke that the universe only shares with itself. If it weren't so serious, it would almost be funny, but sadly, it isn't.

    - Matt Delmendo