Monday, January 19, 2009

Economics with David Morris

Greetings to any and all viewers of this blog. Having recently with a degree in Economics at George Mason University, this fresh young economist decided that it was never too soon to start giving commentary, observations, and predictions behind the economics of the world around us. Hopefully, anyone spotting this humble blog will leave educated, enlightened, or at least persuaded to think.

To give people a heads up, this economist is trained to take somewhat of a more libertarian perspective on public policy. Bear in mind that the author of this blog is in no form and advocate of anarchy, simply aware that things work best when the government is no enemy to the populace. Successful capitalism demands government carries out its critical duty of defining, arbitrating, and above all else, protecting private property rights. Its critical however that people understand that the true primary function of government is that of a legalized monopoly of force. When it forces the wrong types of policies, it certainly has the potential to be more of a problem for an economy than a solution. With the right (and very carefully implemented) policies, it has the potential to refine efficiency.

As an economist who sees his nation often forgetting the tenants and intentions of our US Constitution, hopefully this blog can assist in keeping certain records straight, given the sheer amount of myths, fallacies, and just plain misunderstanding about the subject I've been spending the last 4 years of my life studying.

Economies at the bottom line are made out of individual people, not simply states. And its how people respond to incentives that is the key to understanding the world around us.

~David Morris~

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